In order to correct errors, address inconsistencies and respond to rulemaking petitions, PHMSA published a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking regarding miscellaneous changes to the pipeline safety regulations. The proposed changes would revise requirements regarding construction inspections, leak surveys for certain gathering lines, qualifying plastic pipe joiners, mill hydrostatic tests and notifications for pipe operating at alternative MAOP, transportation of ethanol by pipeline, transportation of pipe, threading copper pipe; national pipeline mapping system, welding, and odorization of gas, among other changes. Notably with regard to construction, the rulemaking proposes revising 49 CFR 192.305 and 195.204 inspection requirements to prohibit anyone who participated in a pipeline’s construction from conducting the inspection required to ensure compliance with Part 192 or Part 195 respectively. Comments should be submitted by February 3, 2012. Click here for a copy of the proposed rulemaking.