In response to NTSB Recommendations and the 2012 amendments to the Pipeline Safety Act, PHMSA is preparing to request OMB approval for revisions to its Incident Report and Annual Report forms for transmission and gathering pipeline systems. With regard to both gas and liquid Incident Report forms, PHMSA proposes revisions to collect additional information regarding incidents involving girth weld failures. With respect to gas transmission and gathering system Annual Reports, PHMSA proposes collecting the following information related to MAOP: pipeline segments for which an operator is unable to verify MAOP; the methodology used to determine MAOP of gas transmission pipelines; miles of pipelines which have not been subjected to a post-construction hydrostatic test of at least 125% MAOP; and miles of pipelines which are not able to accommodate the passage of instrumented internal inspection devices. With regard to MAOP verification, PHMSA indicated that it would be informing operators of their responsibilities and clarify what it considers to be a “verifiable record” in an upcoming Advisory Bulletin. Finally, PHMSA proposes the following additional revisions to the gas transmission Annual Report forms:  collecting pipeline mileage by material type, adding a landfill gas as a commodity option, adding composite pipe as a material type, removing certain sections of limited value, and collecting the number of anomalous conditions eliminated by pipe replacement and abandonment.  Comments on these proposed revisions are due by June 13, 2012. Click here for the Notice (to be published in the April 13, 2012).