On June 18, 2012, the OIG issued an audit report criticizing PHMSA’s oversight of hazardous liquid operator integrity management programs.  In particular, OIG identified various challenges impacting the Agency’s oversight including: (1) a growing backlog of IM inspections, (2) weaknesses in field inspections and accident investigations, (3) the transition to a new risk-based inspection program despite data system and risk analysis deficiencies, (4) limited oversight of non-line pipe facilities due to less stringent IM requirements, (5) shortcomings in Agency data management and quality, and (6) failure to track meaningful performance measures to assess the effectiveness of its IM program.  The OIG made a total of 9 recommendations to PHMSA.  PHMSA responded by concurring with seven of those recommendations and partially concurring with two, but the OIG has since requested additional information from PHMSA with respect to six of  the responses that OIG did not believe met the intent of OIG’s recommendations.  Click here for a copy of the report, which attaches PHMSA’s response as an Appendix.