On February 13, 2013, PHMSA published a notice of its intent to revise the gas distribution annual report (PHMSA F7100.1–1). PHMSA received comments in response to that notice from the American Gas Association and the American Public Gas Association.  In today’s notice, PHMSA responds to the comments by: (a) revising Part A, Section 7 of the Form to be consistent with EIA Form 176, to incorporate the following operator types: Investor-owned, municipally-owned, privately-owned, cooperative, and other; (b) revising the Form to use the term “reconditioned cast iron” consistently throughout the Form; (c) expanding the instructions defining leak causes to be consistent with the gas distribution incident reporting form; (d) revising the form to clarify the scope of information requested for “apparent root cause” of excavation damage; and (e) clarifying instructions regarding reporting of estimated number of excess flow valves.  The notice provides an additional 30 days to comment on the proposed revisions to the forms and the instructions before submittal to the OMB for approval.  Click here for a copy of the Federal Register Notice.