To comply with Pipeline Safety Act requirements to confirm the operating pressure limits of certain natural gas transmission pipelines, PHMSA held a public workshop on its proposed ‘Integrity Verification Process’ (IVP) on August 7, 2013.  In response to feedback from stakeholders received after the workshop, the Agency announced on September 12, 2013 a revised IVP flowchart.  In order to provide the public with adequate time to comment on the revisions, PHMSA extended the comment period for another month to October 7, 2013 (it was to expire on September 9, 2013).  The revised approach appears to further streamline the IVP process while maintaining new concepts introduced in the prior flowchart such as legacy pipe, modern pipe, and moderate consequence area (MCA), as an addition to HCA.  To date, twenty-seven industry organizations and operators have submitted comments on the proposal and the prior draft IVP flowchart.  The docket can be accessed here.