The Energy Information Administration (EIA) and other sources predict that the U.S. will exceed Russia in oil and natural gas production this year, for the first time in decades.  See e.g., EIA,  Over the past 5 years, rapid development of oil and gas shale reserves in the U.S. has decreased oil and gas imports by 15% and 32%.  In the past year, the U.S. has become the top producing nation for natural gas, with U.S. production almost equaling U.S. consumption (24.06 BCF/25.60 BCF).  EIA,  At the same time, U.S. oil production is rising, although more slowly.  While the U.S. remains the top oil consuming country in the world (18.6 TBD), U.S. oil production ranks third (11.1 TBD).  EIA,  Increasing trends toward U.S. energy independence underscore the importance of U.S. oil and gas transportation systems.