Taking the first step to implement its new emergency order authority, PHMSA has issued an interim final rule which will be effective immediately upon publication in the Federal Register. Final rules must be issued by March 19, 2017, but PHMSA will accept and consider comments filed within 60 days of publication.
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PHMSA proposes to amend the damage prevention regulations to (1) establish criteria and procedures for determining the adequacy of state pipeline excavation damage prevention enforcement programs; (2) establish an administrative process for making adequacy determinations; (3) establish the Federal requirements PHMSA will enforce in states with inadequate excavation damage prevention enforcement programs; and (4) establish

Congressional funding for PHMSA must be reviewed and renewed every four years, which typically results in some legislative amendments as part of reauthorization. The last reauthorization was in 2006 (PIPES Act), thus 2010 is a reauthorization year. The first Congressional hearings on reauthorization began in the House on May 24 (notably after the Gulf spill